Wednesday, 21 October 2015



Here’s a sneak peek into some of the things that my husband and I enjoy doing together. We will be married for 13 amazing years on the 18th of October. Here are 13 of our favorite things to do together.  Most of these things don't cost much money, but they do cost time. Time is something we are happy to spend on each other.

1. Go to the theatre and events together. The nature of our jobs mean that we are always on the stage and are often the main speakers for events. So whenever we can, we slip away and enjoy, theatre presentations, conferences and events as spectators. We learn a lot together in these presentations and enjoy the surprise on peoples faces when they see us sitting in the crowd.

2. Travel together. We love to go on excursions even if it's just for a few days. It's amazing what 48 hours can do for an marriage. Before we had children, we went on cruises, (which were AMAZING!) We are still waiting for the Venice trip we dreamed about before we married... maybe we will do it when the boys grow up.

3. We love to exercise together, especially going for long walks, hand in hand. We have found that taking time to walk and talk together has been a breeding ground for creative ideas and finding solutions to any issues we are facing professionally. It's usually on these long walks that we dream and share our visions with one another.

4. We really enjoy playing with our children together. There's something electric about watching your children laugh and giggle as you play with them. Spending time with my husband and our boys just defines what home truly is; warmth, hugs, jokes and giggles. 

5. Watch movies in bed. It is a real blessing to be with someone who shares your interests in movies. My husband and I have this connection and it is one way we spend quality time with each other. We just snuggle up under the covers and watch a series or a movie together. There's been nights that we slept as late as 3am just to catch the end of an intriguing film.

6. Go shopping together. We love to window shop. My husband especially enjoys "pricing" watches and a sundry of items while waiting in traffic whenever we travel through Lagos. We look, we negotiate prices and sometimes, when the item is essential, we buy it.

7. Enjoy time with our mutual friendships. We spend time with mentors as well as friends. We value friendships and go out of our way to maintain and service the relationships we value.

8. Go to the spa together. My husband loves seeing me happy and relaxed after a pamper session, whether its a facial treatment or getting my nails done, a little pamper session is always appreciated and, I've shown him that men can enjoy this kind of pampering too!

9. Eat at a nice restaurant: Once in a while, it's good to eat out. We especially enjoy ordering two different entrees so that we can taste both while eating off of each other's plates. My husband also enjoys ice cream and will often encourage me to order it for dessert just so that he can finish it for me. 

10. Reminisce old songs. We were born just two years apart, so, our musical interests are very similar. We enjoy listening to good music together and even occasionally jumping up to lip sync and act out the lyrics of any good love ballad from the 1980's / 1990's.

11. Dance together. Our dining and living rooms have often been turned into  dance floors. My husband is an avid salsa dancer and likes to sweep me off my feet with his smooth dance steps. I've learned a move or two myself in the last few years. *wink*

12. Discuss God's Word together. Just so that you don't think we are under-spiritual... we DO love God's word especially studying together. On Saturday evenings, we share with one another what we plan to minister on the next day. We discuss sermon ideas and spend time researching Scripture and praying together for our congregations. It is a highlight of the week for both of us.

13 He is the absolute best kisser on planet earth! There is nothing as exciting as being physically close to Feb and we love to kiss! I love that he still finds me irresistibly sexy, even after 4 children. We are a very affectionate couple, always cuddling and kissing. In fact, after writing this.... I'm going to kiss him NOW!

As we lead up to our Anniversary on Sunday, I simply want to thank God for giving me the man of my dreams, the father of my children, and someone I am happy to be with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. Awwwwwww..... Awwwwwww again! This is so cute! I pray more people get to experience such wholesome relationship instead being married yet living as singles. I'm inspired!

  2. More and more inspired to only roll with God's best for me.
    God bless and use your home continually as a light to all in Jesus name, amen.

    And it's my first time here ma'am..I'll def be subscribing :-)


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