Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Setting Family Goals #FamilyLifeSimplified

For the past few weeks, I have being sharing some insights on my twitter handle @IdahosaLaurie that I believe will be helpful in maintaining healthy families. Considering the relevance of the information, I will be sharing same information periodically with my blog readers! Feel free to comment and share with people you care about.
My first session was: Setting Family Goals:

1.      Thank you for joining me on our first tweet session on #FamilyLifeSimplified #SettingFamilyGoals.

2.      Oftentimes we set goals for finance, personal health, education, spiritual growth, etc. but neglect goal setting for our immediate family

3.      Extraordinary homes aren't built by default. They are deliberate.

4.      Having an effective family life will help balance every other area of your life.

5.      Every nation is made up of families. When the family is in order, the nation is in order.

6.      Most of us can name 10 things we'd like to change about our nation, but can't name 10 improvements we'd like to make to our family life

7.      Ask yourself what you'd like your marriage to be like 12 months from now. Why not set goals and work towards it?

8.      The covenant of marriage is important to God. He hinged the future of mankind on it.

9.      Don't settle for a mundane, average marriage. Have an extraordinary one this year!

10.  Ask yourself where you need to improve as a parent. Set goals and work towards this improvement

11.  Do you want your marriage to resemble your parents’ marriage?

12.  Do you want your children to have the same kind of marriage you do

13.  You must model a successful marriage if you want your children to have successful marriages. 1 Tim. 4:12b

14.  Set big family goals, but start with baby steps.

15.  Failure to have goals is one way to ensure that you won't move ahead.

16.  Achieving your family goals will require some sacrifice. Nothing great happens without sacrifice.

17.  If your goal is to argue less, the next time you feel angry, communicate constructively, not angrily. Col. 3:13

18.  If your goal is to improve communication at home, study books on effective communication

19.  Progressing in marital communication doesn't happen by default. It must be intentional

20.  If your goal is for better communication, schedule times with your spouse just to talk

21.  Communicate your goals to your spouse so that he/she will work with you to achieve them. Amos 3:3

22.  Passion and romance are God's ideas for marriage. If it's missing, you're missing the essence of marital love. Eph. 5:33

23.  When you have goals in areas where you need education, make personal development a goal.

24.  If your goal as a man is to love your wife more, study how Jesus loves the church. Eph. 5

25.  If your goal as a woman is to be a better wife and homemaker, study Prov. 31

26.  If your goal as parents is to better understand your children, read 1 Cor. 12: 4-6. discovering gifts
27.  If your goal as parents is to learn different methods of discipline than your parents used, read Prov. 22:6

28.  Be willing to make hard decisions for the benefit of reaching your goals. Heb. 12:11

29.  If you have a goal to find a life partner this year, break up from relationships that aren't going anywhere. Isa. 34:16

30.  Ask yourself every day, "is this decision I'm making in alignment with where I'm going this year with my family?

31.  Worshiping together in a local assembly and growing together spiritually needs to be important for your family. Gen. 18:19

32.  When you mess up and act out of alignment of your family goals, don't throw in the towel. Get back in the game.

33.  Thank you for being a part of this tweet session, I hope you've enjoyed

34.  Please retweet anything you found useful that someone else might benefit from.

35.  The New Year is a chance to be intentional about growth as a family.

36.  If you have any questions on #SettingFamilyGoals feel free to add it in the comments section.

Thank you.

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