Friday, 12 February 2016

Tweet Session on “How to rock her world this valentine.” #FamilyLifeSimplified

I just shared the following points with my twitter audience on how to rock your lady’s world this Valentine. Though the points might not exhaust all that needs to be said on this topic, still it’s surely a good place to start from.

1.     Every woman wants to be remembered on Valentine's Day, even if she has told you it's not important to her.

2.     Singles: When you pay attention to a lady on Valentine's Day, know that she has in mind that you care a lot for her.

3.     Singles: If you aren't sure about the future of a relationship with a lady, don't lie to her that you love her, just to make her happy.

4.     Don't use church as the excuse why you don't have time to show her your love on Valentine’s Day.

5.     That DP about 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th service might be funny now, but it won't be funny on Valentine’s Day.

6.     Know your wife. What are the things you do for her that means the most?

7.     Do something for her that will mean something to her, not just to you.

8.     Think of what she would love for you to do for her...from her perspective, not yours

9.     If you can't be together with her this Valentine’s Day, set a rain date, so that she knows what to look forward to.

10. If you're taking her out to a restaurant, make plans and reservations ahead of time.

11. Don't make her do the Valentine planning. Ladies love it when you have thought through the details ahead of time.

12. “Ladies are happy with one of two types of gifts: those that surprise, & gifts that show thoughtfulness.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

13. “Any gift that shows you put in some thought or planning into using it to make her happy will make her happy.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

14.“If you're giving a surprise gift of clothing or jewelry, make sure you verify her size & get the correct one.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

15.  “Get the right size. The wrong size is often offensive & can send the message that you're not attentive to the things that are important.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

16.  “The element of surprise is always a nice touch. Give her something you know she likes but isn't expecting.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

17. “Husbands, home appliances like an iron, a kettle, or even a microwave, do not make for thoughtful Valentine's gifts.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

18.  “This Valentine’s Day, tell her WHY you love her, and not just that you love her.” Bishop FEB Idahosa

19. Don't depend on the card writers to know your mind. Write your own words to her, from your heart.

20.  If you are taking her out, pre-arrange child care.

21.  Surprise her by starting your Valentines plans before February 14th. While doing something on that day is essential, doing something before or after is also good.

22.  It isn't really the size of the gift or the gesture that's the heart behind the gift that she appreciates.

23. Some suggested things you can do for her:
24.  Make her your profile picture for the whole weekend, and keep updating the reasons why you're happy she married you.

25.  Relieve her of her domestic responsibilities and give her a treat.

26.  Think back to the love songs that used to trip her when you were dating. Play them for her and upload them to her phone.

27.   Plan a treasure hunt for her with little hints and surprises along the way, leading up to the main gift.

28. Don't complain to her about the cost of the gift or the meal that you share on Valentine's Day. Do what's affordable.

29.Have your family members call her to tell her thank you for marrying you.

30.The best gift you can give your wife for Valentine’s Day is the gift of your commitment to Christ.

31.Being faithful to God will make you want to be faithful to her.

32.Knowing how Christ loves the church is the best way to learn how to love her.

33. A Godly man who truly yearns after the things of the Lord can never disappoint his lady.

34. Oh! Here's some advice for the single man who wants to get engaged on Valentine’s Day... if you're not sure she will say "YES," Do it privately.

35. Hope you find these information helpful. Feel free to comment and share with people you care about.

Thank you!

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