Saturday, 16 April 2016

How to be the only woman on your husband's mind #FamilyLifeSimplified

Tweet session

1.      Thank you for joining me for this hot topic on how to be the only woman on your husband's mind.
2.      The best way to be the centre of his world is to know his needs.
3.      Once you know what he needs, fill those needs.
4.      An educated opinion holds that these three are part of the major needs of every man: 1. Support 2. Loyalty and 3. Sex
5.      We all yearn for exclusive rights to our spouses. Nobody wants another lady to occupy space in the mind of the man we entered covenant with. SOS 2:16
6.      If you aren't showing your man respect, he subconsciously gravitates toward where he is getting it. 1 Cor. 11:3
7.      Publicly praise your husband.
8.      Make being with you fun and non-threatening. Proverbs 31: 29-30
9.      If you are prone to nagging and constant complaints find a different outlet for these conversations than your husband. Proverbs 21:19
10.  Let your friends, family and even his family know what a wonderful man he is. Proverbs 31: 23
11.  Avoid conversations that bruise his ego or make him feel inept. Proverbs 15:2.
12.  Have a non judgemental attitude towards him. Romans 14: 13
13.  Create an environment where he knows you trust him explicitly and he can tell you anything. Proverbs 31:10-12
14.  Praise his efforts to please you, no matter how small.
15.  Every relationship's sexual drive and frequency varies. Know your husband's sex cycle and meet it. Ephesians 5:22
16.  Men are visual creatures. Take a poll from your friends; do you still have sex appeal?
17.  Up your sex appeal game! Wear sexy lingerie, flirt with your husband.
18.  Initiate, initiate, initiate! Men want to know you find them irresistible.
19.   It's not "unholy" to have amazing sex with your spouse. SOS 4:6
20.  If his mind is prone to wandering at work, give him a good reason to think of you. SOS 4:9
21.  Send him sexy text messages, pictures and voice notes to let him know something is waiting for him at home.
22.   If he travels, talk to him often... About everything in his world, not just yours. Eph. 4:29
23.  Laugh with him often. Every man wants to be around his wife when she is happy.
24.  Be his sounding board. He should be able to talk to you about anything. Ephesians 4:29
25.  Stop being so jealous of other ladies. He married you. Show him why he made the right choice. Mk 10:7
26.  Don't spy on him when you think he's not looking. Trust me, he's looking.
27.  Get interested in what interests him so that he can discuss it with you. Genesis 2:18
28.  Read what he's reading and share thoughts on the books.
29.  Surprise him when he comes home from work with a foot rub and uninterrupted dinner in front of the TV.
30.  Your man wants you to be his playmate. Learn how to chill with him.
31.  Give him great reasons why he should want to come home.

Thank you for reading  this tweet session, I hope you've enjoyed it.
 Please share anything you found useful that someone else might benefit from. God bless.

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