Saturday, 16 April 2016

Raising godly male children #FamilyLifeSimplified

I shared the following points with my twitter audience on how to raise boys . I believe it's full of insights that will be helpful to every parent in raising their male children.  

  1. I am a mother of three sons who are 7, 4 and 3 years old respectively.
  2. I've discovered that the role of a mother and a father in a boy's life are unique but equally important.
  3. Boys will love you for life if you give them the right environment to thrive in, in their childhood.
  4. Don't assume that your male child is emotionless. He needs to develop emotional control, just like a female.
  5. Learn how to appropriately show ample affection to your male child and his future wife will thank you.
  6. Don't always mediate for your son. Teach him how to get out of situations himself.
  7. Let your boys be boys. Don't put so many restraints on them that they lose the essence of their manhood.
  8. Boys will like gross things... Just accept it and you'll have peace.
  9. Girls tend to show love by drama while boys do so by fighting
  10. Teach your boys how to treat a lady
  11. Teach your boys that real men never hit a woman.
  12. Teach your boys how to defend themselves and not be pushovers.
  13. Teach your boys principles of leadership and give them opportunities to practice.
  14. Develop strong self confidence in your sons by applauding and rewarding them often.
  15. Teach them about money management early in life.
  16. As your sons grow up, instil in them a strong work ethic and the need to be providers.
  17. Teach your sons to give liberally, both to God and to others.
  18. Teach your boys how to share with others, starting with their toys.
  19. As parents it's very important that you spend quality time out for your sons.
  20. Limit the amount of time you use the television to babysit your sons. Engage them in other recreational activities.
  21. Read with your sons. You will develop a reading culture in them.
  22. Don't get angry if your son wants to play with doll babies. He may be developing his nurturing ability.
  23. Teach your boys how to clean up themselves, and how to do chores.
  24. Teach your boys that cooking and cleaning is a job for both genders.
  25. Encourage your sons to participate in team sports. It will develop their interpersonal skills.
  26. Encourage your sons to learn a musical instrument. It will boost their creativity.
  27. Introduce your sons to superheroes from the Bible and teach them that not all superheroes are fictional.
  28. Active boys will have lots of bumps, scrapes and bruises. Keep a first aid kit handy.
  29. Learn first aid and know when an injury can be treated at home and when you need to see a doctor.
  30. Boys like to get messy. Teach them the importance of good hygiene.
  31. Train your boys in the importance of reading God’s word daily  
  32. Train your boys on how to worship God with total abandon
  33. Teach your boys how to pray and the necessity of talking to God at every juncture in life
  34. I love my sons and enjoy the precious privilege of being their mother.
  35. Thank you for taking out time to read  this tweet session, I hope you enjoyed it.
Feel free to add your own points in the comments section.
Thank you and God bless.

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  1. God bless you Laurie. You mention nothing about sexual purity. I think it is very very essential in this world where boys are expected "to be boys" and purity before marriage has become gender specific. We need boys who are groomed to be moral and godly. Who will learn to discipline their hormones by being daily committed to God.


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