Saturday, 18 June 2016

I got a phone call (9/11)

I was asked of recent to share a striking experience I had that marked a turning point in my life, after thinking it through, I am glad to share how it all started with you!

I got a phone call... it changed my life.

I was happy living in America. I had an amazing life. I was a single woman in my late 20's, independent, carefree and enjoying all the great things America offered. I owned my own home, my own car, my own business, I was a real estate investor, I was a minister, I took spectacular  vacations and went on missions all around the world, I had so many great friends...  It was a life that many single ladies would dream of!

Then, on the evening of September 11, 2001, I got a phone call that would change my life.

One of my childhood friends, Feb Idahosa called me.

September 11, 2001 happened to be the day that the terrorists blew up planes and killed over 4,000 innocent people in New York, Washington DC and Pennslvania. It was a day that the whole world was glued to their televisions in fear.  Phone calls were jamming all the networks as people were checking in with their loved ones to make sure they were okay.  I had family members in New York City that day, so, when I heard from Feb, I assumed he was just checking on me.

Little did I know, Feb was on a plane headed for America at the exact same time that terrorists were using planes to blow up buildings!

Feb began to tell me how they re-routed his plane to Canada (which was where he was calling from) and that he was stranded.  The airline was moving passengers to America via bus, since all flights had been cancelled until further notice.  They gave him an options of taking a 12 hour bus to New Jersey or a 24 hour bus somewhere else.  Feb was not a big fan of road trips. Of course, he wanted to choose the shorter route to New Jersey, which wasn't far from where I lived.  The event he was coming to America for was cancelled because of the high level terrorist threat. He asked me if he could come and spend a few days with my family and I until he could return to Nigeria.

I said, yes and drove to New Jersey with my Mom to go pick him up.

In my heart, I was overjoyed to see Feb and to catch up on his life. It had been a while since we had even talked.  I never expected that the phone call and his visit to me would change my entire life.  It was during that visit that our love was rekindled and that he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me as his wife.

Within 13 months from then, on October 18, 2002, I married my childhood friend, Feb and moved to Nigeria as his wife. My life is completely different from what I was used to, but, it is ten times more fulfilling and more exciting than I ever had, living in America.

Thank God that on that fateful day, Feb chose to call me, and not some other girl.  I got the September 11th phone call, it changed my life.

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