Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wise Expenditures

Wise investments are very important especially in the current climate of economic uncertainty. It is advisable that at every opportunity, you invest in assets instead of liabilities. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to decide what should and should not be invested in.  Here's an easy way out, take a critical look at what you're about to spend money on and answer these questions:
1. Is it a necessity? 
2Will it drive more income to me in the days ahead?

This doesn't mean that God doesn't want us to have nice things. He does. However, we shouldn't spend on them until our income and investments can support thlevel of lifestyle we desireAt our recently concluded CGMI Youth Summit Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo presented it this way: "Don't buy a car until you can afford it ten times."
I heard a great testimony last week. A man who listened to one of our messages on "Stewardship in timesof economic Recession", shared how it impacted his life. He drives a very good car but was saving up tobuy a new vehicle because all of the people in his circle/ class seem to be using jeep. After listening toFeb Idahosa minister iSunday service he changed his plans. Instead of buying the jeep, he took what he had saved up and invested it in something with the capacity to appreciate over time-land!

His investment answered the questions raised about assetand liabilities
1. There was no need to buy a car. 
2. Land appreciates in value after awhile. 
My prayer for you in this season and always is that you will invest in assets rather than liabilities. 
Eccl.11:2 "But divide your investments among many places,for you do not know what risks might lie ahead."

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