Saturday, 10 June 2017

Have A Meaningful Day

Sometimes our most meaningful days are not our stereotypical "good days."  Meaningful days can come any day of the week and aren't reserved for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or holidays.
Meaningful days are days when we make the hard choices and we choose to truly live.  Meaningful days happen when we say no to the routine of living a comfortable, wallowing in a mediocre existence and instead embrace the uneven and sometimes lonely ground walked on by men and women who achieve true greatness.  Simply put, your meaningful day begins when you walk away from your habits with the intention of never looking back.

To be great and I mean really great, you must embrace courage with a tenacity and determination to never lose grip of it. It starts with a moment of deep resolve and possibly even defiance. You must grab the epiphany of hope that you see in your mind, and make a choice you intrinsically know is right but seems wrong to every fiber of your being.

To be truly great, you will have to make that ONE choice; yes, THAT choice that makes you feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff, jumping into the great unknown without the security of a parachute. It is the choice that family and friends tell you is too risky, simply because they don't want the embarrassment of seeing you fail. It is the choice that is seemingly unsafe for others but is a thousand kinds of right for you. When you make that hard choice, it will most probably mean that you will have to sacrifice something that comforts you for something that has meaning and purpose. You may need to endure pain, uncertainty, criticism and scoffers in order to achieve the kind of results that will ultimately bring you genuine joy and lasting meaning.

You will find that your most meaningful days aren't days that mean much to other people. They aren't days of great, noble achievements or feats worthy of headlines. They are days when you choose to embrace your authentic self.  Meaningful days are when you live and love brazenly without fear, doubt, regrets or shame. Meaningful days are when your heart chooses to be set free. Meaningful days are when you ignore the logical side of your mind and illuminate the side that is ready to truly live.  Meaningful days are when you choose to be obedient to God's leading, despite the uncertainty of an unclear future.

Your meaningful day is when you breathe in and find hope, real deep down hope... not the manufactured hope that results from an inspiring song or a well-written sermon. Meaningful days are the days when you embrace the kind of hope that you feel as a form of resolve in the pit of your soul. Oftentimes, your most meaningful days will be when the sun is shining so brightly through the dark clouds of life's despair and you are the only one who sees it.
On the other side of your sacrifice and courage will be open doors galore and unimaginable blessings. 

The results of these life-defining days are often great and epic feats that are accomplished by someone who conquered fear.  

Someone like Abraham. He could have been satisfied with the miracle of being  the father of a promise-child, Isaac and missed out on the legacy in store for him which was being given the name we all know him as today; "Father of Many Nations."

He had a meaningful day when he took his biggest risk, in obedience to God and led Isaac to the altar of sacrifice. It was only when he took that leap of faith and trust in God that God released the enormous provision and blessing onto his life.
Genesis 22:16,17 (amp) says,

"...By Myself (on the basis of Who I Am) I have sworn [an oath], declares the Lord, that since you have done this thing and have not withheld [from Me] your son, your only son [of promise],

Indeed I will greatly bless you, and I will greatly multiply your descendants like the stars of the heavens and like the sand on the seashore; and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies [as conquerors]."

Are you ready to just live and be average or are you ready to have a meaningful life? Stop focusing on having a "good day." Good sucks! It has limited millions of people around the globe and made them forgettable non-entities, "rustically irrelevant beings" as Dr. Ighile of Benson Idahosa University calls it.
Yes, I said it! There are forgettable people in this world. There are people who never made an impact. There are people whose deaths are mourned for a day and only by a few.  There are people whose obituaries will be written by someone following the pattern on a form and filling in the A,B,C's of the pertinent details that someone, somewhere thought was significant. Then, there is you and I. There are the people who reject average, throw caution to the wind, embrace real life, take risks, obey God and take the giant leap away from having the proverbial "good day" and into the world of having a "meaningful day."

I challenge you to step out into the great unknown, risk the pain of your heart breaking by embracing a true love that completes your soul.  Start working on your dream life and not your day job. Stop restricting your future by the norms of your culture. Create your world. Create your legacy. Create meaning.

Today, my wish for you is that you won't have a good day. My wish for you is that you will have a meaningful day.


  1. Have a Meaningful Day too...
    I should use this more often.

  2. Have a Meaningful Day too...
    I should use this more often.

  3. Awesome! I certainly had a meaningful day today. Thanks


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